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If you have any questions or concerns about the campaign, Williamsville, or Kingston City Council, please let me know.

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3 days ago
Once again; Libs campaign on the Left & govern on the Right! 👎🇨🇦
4 days ago
Despite Trump's view, white nationalism is a growing threat, data shows - We all need to be vigilant & call out all forms of white nationalism! Silence is tacit consent!
JimNeill3 photo
5 days ago
Great turn out for the NZ Vigil at Kingston City Hall. TY ⁦ @BridgetYGK⁩ for organizing it! 🇳🇿👍🇨🇦 JimNeill3 photo
5 days ago
Dead whale washed up in Philippines had 40kg of plastic bags in its stomach - Do we ever need single use plastics?? 🤔We’re threatening our environment on land & in our oceans! We can & should do better! 👍
6 days ago
With respect Bridget; it shouldn’t be merely PARTISAN, but it must be POLITICAL! I’m sure you agree, every elected official needs to PRIORITIZE CLIMATE CHANGE!