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If you have any questions or concerns about the campaign, Williamsville, or Kingston City Council, please let me know.

I can be reached by voice or text at 343-989-0153.

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8 hours ago
Kingston with support of Province & Feds could & should do this!! 🇨🇦
9 hours ago
Council votes to extend bylaw exemptions at Belle Park – Kingston News - A complex issue on a very long meeting! Only 1 silent Council voice! TY Kingstonist for this thorough account. And for the 1000s of Caring Kingstonians supporting the BP Residents!
21 hours ago
Rally at Belle Park calls for solidarity with occupants – Kingston News - A great rally but a missed opportunity at Council last night!
5 days ago
Letter: Health Professionals speak out against eviction at Belle Park – Kingston News - KINGSTON is a caring community! City Council needs to reflect that in the decisions we make! Please phone or write Mayor & Council!
5 days ago
On my 30th B’day I went to a Tiger Stadium ball game. Asked for proof for a beer. Best B’day gift I got! 🥴😁
JimNeill3 photo
Julie Brown @JulieInYGK
Just got carded at #lcbo. I think I’ll wear this mask forever.
6 days ago
“Fiddling while Rome is burning...” Crazy & bizarre behaviour! 🤬🤨🇺🇸