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Williamsville District Map
Williamsville District Map

Jim committed in 2010 & 2014 to protect and enhance parkland and green space resulting in the revitalization of both Victoria Park and the Memorial Centre Park

  • City of Kingston purchase of former St. Mary’s & St. Joseph’s School at Brock/Napier, with 76% maintained for a new park
  • Closure of Napier Street from Brock to Mack to enhance connection of 2 parks
  • Jim’s unanimous motion to consider Frontenac Street from M-Centre to Victoria Park as a Bike Boulevard
  • Jim’s motion passed unanimously to build Cricket Pitch at Memorial Centre Park
  • Jim worked with the Friends of the Memorial Centre, the Legion, and the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market to adopt the Memorial Park Sign garden and secured the bulbs and plants from the city to create a beautiful tribute garden. And he got down and dirty planting them.

Jim supports Public Transit and Active Transportation

  • Jim supports working collaboratively with local School Boards to share recreational resources and supports allowing students and children under 14 to have year round free access to Kingston Transit (KT)
  • Jim has championed Public Transit which has led to KT becoming award winning, and the fastest growing transit system in Canada
  • Jim has supported neighbourhood traffic calming initiatives
  • His motion established Kingston’s first scramble crossing on Queen’s Campus at University/Union
  • Jim supports bike lanes and active transportation
  • Jim’s motion brought Bike Sharing to Kingston through the Drop Bike Plan
  • Jim’s amendment committed the City to bike lanes along Princess Street. Jim also fully support our Active Transportation Master Plan that will see greater bike and pedestrian paths throughout the city
  • Jim fully supported the motion that created the K & P Trail

Jim supports the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market

  • Despite a recommendation not to allow it, due to some lobbying against it by other market and downtown interests, we were able to pass the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market as a pilot
  • The Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market was so successful that it now is a permanent and thriving neighbourhood fixture

Jim supports counting students in our electoral boundaries.

  • Jim strenuously opposed the idea of not counting students in the redrawing of our electoral boundaries. It unfortunately passed in the previous Council by a 7-6 vote.
  • Jim joined the AMS, the Williamsville Community Association, and the Sydenham District Association in their shared appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board and testified before the OMB.
  • Democracy prevailed and the OMB forced the City to count all residents, including students. So our Sydenham and Williamsville Districts remain intact.

Jim supports Sanctuary Cities.

  • Jim worked with the group that explored Sanctuary Cities.
  • Jim seconded the Mayor’s Motion that declared Kingston an Access Without Fear City.
  • Jim also worked with a group that designed and facilitated the free signs that read in 5 languages, “No matter where you’re from we’re happy you’re our neighbour”

Jim is active in the community.

  • Jim is a frequent participant in the Phoenix Pay Demonstrations trying to rectify the federal pay scandal.
  • Jim supported the Williamsville Business Corridor Plan that continues to see the revitalization of the uptown area.
  • Jim moved a motion to allow for edible trees on Kingston public lands. The first planting happened this year at Oak Street Community Garden. More to follow ….
  • Jim is a proud and active member of the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Public Health Board. Jim helped facilitate the motion to distribute Naloxone in City facilities as a safety and harm prevention measure.
  • Jim continues to be committed to expanding, enhancing, and protecting green space and parkland throughout our city.